Sunday, March 16, 2008


Lefty Peaceniks--Loonier and Less Numerous

Here are a bunch of photos of the rather sparsely attended Saturday Peace Rally in Las Angeles on the 5th anniversary of the resumption of Gulf War I. I'm going to talk only about 2 of them.

There are three general types of camouflage--real, dazzle and clown. Guess which one this guy's wearing?

On the other one, the sign, do you notice anything wrong? I mean besides the incredible blood insult (and admission of current and past historical ignorance) contained in comparing the Israelis to the National Socialists. Anything? How about 3/22/08 hasn't happened yet? Moron. (Not you, the sign maker).

With a population of nearly 300 million, even .0001% would be 300 people. That seems about right. The .0001% of the population that is completely round the bend full loony left was out on Saturday in LA, displaying their core beliefs. I'm not counting the exploited children--they didn't know better, nor the transvestites--they apparently just like to dress up.


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