Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ida and Dactyl

On this day in 1994, this photo was released (although it had been taken the August before) showing the smallish asteroid Ida and its mile wide moon, named Dactyl, after the Dactyli which inhabited Mount Ida, nursery of Zeus. The scientists tell us that Dactyl is not a piece of Ida. Wow.

You know, I ate a potato the other day, that looked just like Ida.


And the potato was probably from....IDA ho.

This OT but did you hear or read about the hoax that Wilkin's ice shelf in Antartica, which is teh size of CT is breaking off into the ocean?

Good one, Mark. Tony, the Wilkins ice shelf is on the western (if that makes any sense) edge of the Antarctic Peninsula. That's where the Larson shelf is, or was. There has been a lot of melting on the AP in the past couple of decades but general global warming is not a good explanation for localized melting of the non sea ice, particularly in the face of record growth of the yearly sea ice and growth of the general non sea ice mass nearly everywhere else. Thanks for the heads up.
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