Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A Deadly Photo

There are four major trace greenhouse gases: Water vapor; Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Methane. The later two are efficient heat traps but there is very little of these gases in the atmosphere. There is a little more CO2, but it is not very efficient at trapping heat. Water vapor, both the colorless stuff we call humidity and the visible version, clouds and mists, is not at all efficient but there is so much more of it in the atmosphere than the other trace gasses that it totally swamps their minor contribution to keeping us warm (and alive). If the Supreme Court (in its role as natural philosopher kings) is right to call natural, safe in low concentration, necessary for life on earth CO2 a pollutant, shouldn't they call water vapor the same, but even more so? The EPA would then have to ban humidifiers, rule that all bodies of water be covered to prevent evaporation, and do the other stupid things the Supreme Court has urged with CO2. Man, talk about having the vapors.

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