Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The Bullying of American Television

I watched New Amsterdam last night which told the several sad tales of rape and murder, the last one was even more sad because it was a Hindu honor killing (that is, the murder of a woman by family members with no freakin' idea what honor is). I first asked myself are there Hindu honor killings? Sadly, the answer to that is yes, there are. So now I'm asking are there enough of them to make it the proper subject of a murder mystery on television when there are plenty of Muslim honor killings even in this country. My answer to that is no; I think that the producers of the TV show were too chicken to mention the truth about way too many followers of the Religion of Peace and so stretched for a substitute with the bonus that the substitute would be acceptable to the Muslims.

Freedom of expression. You gotta just love it.

Also I'm no longer sure that the elimination of dueling is an altogether good thing. But I'm sure that's just me.


I had that same series of thoughts and comments to my darling girlfriend when we watched last night.

I also added, "The flashback scenes really suck, don't they? Actually, this show sort of sucks, doesn't it? Why are we watching this."

I then proceeded to not change the channel. Just to prove a point.
I just keep hoping the Indian (but playing a Hispanic) female partner gets naked. He's "cursed" with immortality. Eternal life must really suck.
The "honor killing" bit was totally messed up. The directors were just scared of using a Muslim theme and seemed to switch at the last minute to replace the characters with Hindu even though it makes no sense with a religion that's sexually liberal (kama sutra? naked statues on temples?) Roger, the news article you linked seems to be about upper class folk killing lower class folk after an elopement in some hickville rural area of India, which, as sad as it is, isn't about sexual modesty, nor about parents hacking their own children.
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