Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thought of the Day

If I was more complacent and I let things slide, my life would be easier, but you all wouldn't be as entertained. My misery is your pleasure.

Kanye West

Not all that much pleasure, Kanye. You have my permission to end your misery.


Why do artists think they have to be miserable to produce art?
Excellent question. Because it is hard work to produce great art and they think people working hard must be miserable. Just a guess.
Misery, breeds many different manidestations. The Blues, as a genre, is such a manifestation.

I'm in the embryoinic stages of a divorce right now, and yesterday I picked up my guitar and unleashed some pretty good stuff, for the first time in a long time.

The artistic part of anyone, can be heightened because of the need for an escape. Kinda like alcoholics drink to numb themselves of whatever pain they think is too great to take on without separating their mind from their senses.

So, from experience, ALL real art, is mood derivative, whether happy, sad, miserable, heartbroken, stoned, insane..etc.
I mean..."manifestations"
Sorry to hear your marital problems. I've been through it and wouldn't wish it on Hitler.
Thanks Rog.

Just been a rough weekend.....mainly because of our 10 year old. Hit him like a ton of bricks.

Best of luck.

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