Monday, February 25, 2008


This Day in the History of Catholic Reversals

On this day in 1570, English Queen Elizabeth I, was excommunicated by Pope Pius V, because she had become, well, a Protestant. Her dad, Henry VIII, had been awarded the title, Defender of the Faith, for his well reasoned refutation of Luther's position. What a reversal. I had always believed that the reasons for the attempted Spanish invasion 18 years later were all secular, because the English were waging war against Spanish shipping, but there may well have been another reason for Catholic Spain to seek to punish the Protestant queen.
The portrait is from 1575. Not exactly Cate Blanchett in my book.


Since Henry VIII had been excommunicated in 1538, it was perhaps not such a reversal as you seem to say.
I knew about Henry, but his was a result of other things not a lack of faith in the Catholic Church. That his offspring didn't return to the church is the reversal. I guess I could have been clearer.
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