Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

The idea that it will be McCain as the Republican nominee is getting harder to shake. We can only hope that it won't be McCain/Huckabee. It's tough to tell over on the Democratic side. Hillary seems to be ahead and I can't tell about the strength of Obama's momentum. It's possible even Texas won't decide it. What's more disturbing than a bad Republican nominee is that the Democrats are turning out in greater numbers, sometimes more than two to one, in their primaries. I still believe McCain could beat Hillary but I believe he will be Dole II against Obama, even though Obama is merely an empty suit who looks good and speaks well. Couple that to a bleak Senate picture and nearly 25 Republican retirements in the House and we are in for some bleak, bleak times. Not the end of the world, mind you, but some damage from poor leadership, whoever wins the presidency.



Why bleak? Although it is true the Democrats have accomplished little, if anything since 2006, what did the Republicans accomplish during their tenure as a majority in both houses and in control of the White House? Massive tax cuts about the effect of which reasonable people differ. Massive deficits to be sure. NCLB? No crowning achievemnt that.

The problem, it seems to me. w/ the GOP is that its elected officials say one thing and do another or do nothing.

I am not saying that the Democrats will do better but it is dificult to discern how they could do worse.

I'm certainly not praising the Republicans in Congress since 2001, but comparison to themis not my yardstick. I disagree with most Democratic principals so if they accomplish anything, well, almost anything, I will consider it the wrong way to go. That's a bleak future. Your vision--"I am not saying that the Democrats will do better..." is my bleak vision with resignation to it. Stay well, my old friend.
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