Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Report on the Republican Caucus in South Denver

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Winston Churchill

The best argument against the caucus system is attending one for five minutes. I'm sure it was the three times normal attending crowd, but it was barely organized chaos where I was last night; and although my precinct voted 5-3-1 for Romney, McCain and Huckabee in the initial straw poll, we sent the two who volunteered up to the next meeting and they were for McCain and Huckabee. Oh well, at least it's cheaper than a primary.



The cost is the only advantage that a caucus has over a primary. Perhaps caucus were the way to go when Colorado was still relatively small w/ respect to population but now there are 4 million residents in our state.

Here are two examples why we should move to a primary. My two children are of voting age; are still legal residents of Colorado; but were foreclosed from participating in the political process b/c one goes to school out of state and the other is overseas.

I found myself discussing the issue w/ a woman who worked nights and had to give up a day's pay to participate.

I think it's time we abandon an archaic practice.

And go back to an expensive and, if at a late date, totally meaningless primary? You're too much a votng purist for me.

We can keep the date so as to preserve the meaningfulness of the voting.

It just seems obvious to me that w/ servicemen overseas; students out of state; and over reasons that prevent in person participation, a primary w/ absentee ballots would be more inclusive.

I can't argue against more inclusive, so I won't.
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