Friday, February 15, 2008


Pay Attention...

Israel is getting to open up the proverbial can.

The timing of all this is more than conspicuous, and in some aspects long overdue. What is getting ready to go down, is going to make the 6 day war look like a vacation to WallyWorld with Chevy Chase.


It's not that I don't believe you, but what makes you think so?

Tony Sokolow
From what I can tell, any action taken against Israel, by hezbollah, is not going to be retaliated against in kind. Israel is preparing to hit their support states of Iran and Syria...and this will then be the causus belli, for the USA to launch against the Iranian Nuke facilities, under the guise of supporting Israel, and then militarily blockading the straight of Hormuz and cutting OFF Iran's refined gas supply.....

Wait and's gonna happen.
I hope you're wrong. The tactics are sound but the timing is wrong. Maybe in early January, 2009 would be better.
Israel wants to move now because Bush won't hesitate on something like this. You think they haven't known where that Hezbollah leader has been for 23 years since the TWA 847 and other attacks ?

This was timed specifically. It's gonna happen.
Certainly, with Hassan Nasrallah's own saber rattling, Hizballah is spoiling for a fight.

I'm less certain that such a fight will extend to Iran, but I have little doubt that Syria will take a pummeling.
Iran's foreign minister is in Syria right now.......Syria and Iran both fund nasrallah.....Iran's gonna get hit by the USA when this starts.....mark my word.

Iraq is in between Israel and Iran. Air strikes may be on the horizon, but there's no way we, the U.S., gets away with letting the Israeli army march and tank through Iraq. Plus, how would the Israeli trrops even get through Iraq without being bogged down by miltia skirmishes?

A more likely Israeli spring war is with Syria/Jordan/Lebanon. Especially with the tag team of assassinations this past week.

Ed, I never saw Israeli troops and tanks in Iran, just an air campaign with perhaps lightening special forces raids. Why would Israel attack Jordan? I don't get that prediction.

I just want to see Jordan get its comeuppance. Is there any country that reallt likes those guys?


Israel has kicked Jordan's ass a couple of times haven't they ? I thought Jordan also signed a"peace accord" with Israel, like Egypt did.

Sort of. Israel exists as a pirate state (Balfour be damned) because the Jews under Golda Meir defeated mostly Jordanian forces in 1948, and Jordan was kept out of the Six Days War by strategery on the Israelis' part, but a good toe to toe is over due.

If you would take the e to review the policies of HRH King Abdullah, you would realize that the possibility of Jordan going to war w/ Israel is less than zero.

I am curous, Ed, as to why you wish to see Jordan get its "comeuppance."

Tony Sokolow
Jordan is jerks. The country just rubs me the wrong way. Sure, they're on our side, but do we need friends like that?

Actually, I probably shouldn't have included Jordan in my first list of countries spoiling for an Israeli invasion. Three is a magic number is my excuse. I do stand by calling Israel a pirate state and by my suspicion that Lebamon and Syria will soon be seeing Israeli soldiers.
Anybody want to lay odds on an over / under start date ?
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