Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A Partial Answer

I look at the University of Illinois' website The Cryosphere Today almost every day to see how the global warming climate change is effecting the poles. I have noticed that one graph of temperature anomaly, in the North, does not match the other, and that the totals from the 14 areas in the North do not match either graph. I have twice brought this to the attention of the contact person with no response. So, today I noticed this notice on the site:

We are experiencing some data problems with the current timeseries data. Please
disregard the current timeseries data from mid-February 2008 to present until we
rectify the data issues. The spatial maps should be fine.

Good to see someone was noticing. I wish I knew what 'timeseries' meant.

UPDATE: I hate to pile on, but take a quick look at this graph of the ice cover of Hudson's bay. It shows a near 60% reduction (and recovery) in the bay ice cover over the past few weeks. However, if you look at the satellite photos over that period, no such catastrophic melting is visible. Come on, guys, level with us. You're having major data problems and you need to tell us what happened and what you've done to correct it. Good science is always transparent.



Try this
Thanks, Andy. We all use jargon, in our various fields of endeavor, so I guess I have no real complaint. Res ipsa locquitur
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