Saturday, February 09, 2008


Incorporating Sharia into English Common Law

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, says that incorporating Sharia law into the English legal system is not only invevitable but would be great. He's shocked at the reaction his words have engendered. Clueless old fool.

I don't know if the three hanging from mobile cranes in Iran in the photo were blasphemers, homosexuals or women who were found in the company of men not their husbands or who couldn't prevent themselves from being raped (it's probably not women from just the clothes and the fact that women are more commonly stoned to death under Sharia than hanged), but I do know that execution for just these sort of things is commonly sanctioned by Sharia law. Who wouldn't want to live under that system?
I'm also waiting for NOW to speak up against the stoning of two women found in the company of men not their husbands in Iran.

So far it's crickets.
Although NOW did have an old posting about the Duke Lacrosse Non Rape Case in which they decried the coverage which questioned the veracity of the 'victim.' So they have that going for them. Also they recently featured the ever relevant and important 2008 Feminist Super Bowl AdWatch. I mean there are priorities, and then there are priorities.


NOW has become so irrelevant they should rename the group THEN.
Good one, Eric. I'm going to steal that from you.
"Rule Britannia.
Britannia rules the wharves.
Britons never, never, never
Will wear head scarves."
Be my guest. I actually chuckled a bit myself when I posted that.
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