Monday, February 25, 2008


Colorado State Symbols

I love this state, although Colorado is not the state of my birth, but the state seal has always bugged me. 'Nothing without a nod' is the literal translation of the Latin motto and there, as promised, is the symbol of fascism just under the mystic all-seeing eye. Just creepy. The state flag is nothing to write home about either.
CORRECTION: Diomedes has correctly pointed out that I confused 'numen' with 'nubes' which really aren't even close. 'Numen' is a command with an inclination of the head, a nod. It's really not that much better--'Nothing without a nod'. So I failed to learn the word at Stanford which I guess is better than failing to learn any Latin word anywhere, but maybe not.


Where did you get idea that numine means cloud? Stanford? Try this for the good dope on the seal
D, you're still reading. I'm so grateful.
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