Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Who is This Uncommitted Person?

Hillary Clinton was the only serious name on the ballot in the Michigan Democratic Primary and write-ins were not allowed. So it seemed a safe bet she would win (much safer than predicting Romney over McCain). However, 40% voted for uncommitted rather than for her, and of that number a large number were black. Indeed, the black Democratic (redundant, I know) vote split 70-30 for uncommitted. If that's the split in South Carolina, Obama is right back into it.



I know your position is that the GOP tent has room for all--blacks, gays, and other minorities. Why is it that blacks seem overwhelming to vote Democratic?

President Johnson, Democratic myth making success and historical ignorance.
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I do not disagree w/ you, perhaps the second reason being the most prevalent. Remember that President Johnson's term ended 40 years ago and that many Americans were not even alive then in consider of the fact that 40% of all Americans have only known presidents named Bush or Clinton during their lifetimes and George H.W. Bush did not become president until 20 years after Johnson left office.

As for historical ignorance, that condition afflicts many Americans of all persuations, but I think w/ respect to blacks and the GOP, the question posed by the former may be: "What have you done for us lately?"

I know you to be a fair minded person, but I suggest that political base of the Republican party has failed to reach out to blacks and demonstrate that they are welcome under the the GOP's tent.

Remember that President George W. Bush declined the NAACP's invitation to address its national convention ofr 5 straight years b/f relenting in 2006.

All good points. To the question, "What have you done for me lately?" I think the proper answer is, "Just as you deserve."
Bush going to the NAACP would have been a political liability. Don't put the hostile reception that awaited him on Bush. Not fair.
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