Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Folks, I'm just going to tell you something. If cheap unskilled labor is what this country needs to continue to be the major player in the world that it is, if cheap unskilled labor is precisely the key to continued prosperity and economic growth and the maintenance of our superpower status, then Mexico ought to be right behind us, because they lead the world in it. Every nation that has cheap, unskilled labor ought to be threatening our status as world superpower. I've never heard anything more absurd. I have never heard anything more insulting, that without cheap labor, we can't survive as we have always known the United States to be.

Rush Limbaugh


Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

Indeed you are a big fat windbag. Cheap labor is precisely what is behing our massive trade deficit w/ China. Today I heard a commentary by Robert Reich in which he styated that China is importing components from places where labor is cheaper, Thailand and the Phillipines to name two countries, then assembling the components into goods that are exported to the United States.

In his opinion, this inflates the trade deficit w/ China.

Perhaps Ross Perot was right about that huge sucking sound.

Even worse, perhaps Neal Stephenson was right in Snow Crash. In a few years the United Staes will excell in only 3 things: Pizza; writing computer code; and Rock'n Roll.
Our Pizza is not that great and rock and roll sucks big time lately. I have no opinion about code writing due to my ignorance. As long as we continue to grow at the 'goldylocks' rate, all will be well in the long run. It would be good to stop spending too much at the governmental level but that's looking less and less likely. Thanks for the comment. You should be very skeptical of Mr. Reich. He's the blind hog of economists.
Right now, China is kicking our ass in Wok and Woll.

Is this true? Karen, my older daughter who is 22 and a recent college graduate, has been teaching in Beijing since September and the has failed to mention music in any of her communications.

I can't vouch for it. I don't really like Chinese music. I believe it uses a different scale, but it could hardly be much worse than the whiney derivative pap we're pumping out lately. Good one, Mark.
I was just punning......the Chinese/Asian/ Eastern harmonic scale, albeit intersting, is not so easy to accept to those with even the most acrid of musical ears....

Consider good friend HL Wilson was the leader of a country rock band named " Blackwater" back in the 90's. They were sponsored by Miller genuine draft. Because of the sponsorship, they were paid to fly to China and play a few shows....most of them in big ass venues. Blackwater went over there as ambassadors of music, ( mmm beer ) if you will. HL told me that the entire stadiums sand every lyric to every song ( all covers like Eagles, Beatles, etc ) in every ENGRISH.

I'd say that's a good sign of who is exporting the good stuff.

Inquiry e-mailed to Karen. I will report her response. Although it is true that our mass produced pizza is not that great, in many places American pizza is indistinguishable from ambrosia.

If you are ever in New Haven or Fairfield CT, go to Frank Pepe's and order a white clam pie. Pepe's makes them in a a coal fired oven which generates so much heat that the guys making the pies use peel that handles that are eight feet long. The white clam pie is the best pizza I have ever eaten and Grace asserts that I am a bona fide pizza snob.

Closer to home, when next you rae in Colorado Springs go to Boriello Brothers. There are three locations but the convenient one is just across Platte from Palmer HS. Go for the Pazzo. Onion sausage, and roasted red peppers.

In Denver, I think the edgewater Inn is overrated but you can't go wrong at teh Bonnie Brae or Pantaleone's, whic is in your neighborhood. Also, if you are near Park Meadows, check out Big Bill's New York Pizza at Holly and County Line Road i th esame shopping center as the Rockies Dugout Store.

I will.
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