Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This Day in the History of Poorly Reasoned Decisions

On this day in 1973, The Supreme Court delivered its decision in Roe v. Wade which held that states could not ban abortions in the first trimesters of pregnancy due to a woman's right to privacy. There is no such right in the Constitution and no such right existed in the late 18th Century to come under the unnamed rights recognized by the 9th and 10th Amendments. I have been all over the board about abortion but have finally arrived at this position: Human life starts at conception but doesn't have any Constitutional rights until birth. That makes abortion immoral but not illegal. Still, I would ban it if I could figure out a way to stop abortion without killing more women, which I can't. Hollywood could help with more pro-life movies.



I was driving to work today and curiously, my radio was tuned to NPR. I heard a piece regarding several states, including Colorado, that are attempting to pass constitutional amendments that like statrts at conception. Colorado's is in the form of a battot initiative.

No matter what your position, think of the legal can of worms and th eunintended consequences that wil spring from such amendments.


You were listening to NPR ? I'm shocked. ;op

I think it's a sound scientifc argument that life starts with the heartbeat, almost immediately after conception. The difference to me is having a consciousness of being.

Nature (God) aborts many babies on it's own.....what is it 1 in4 pregnancies wind up in miscarriage, and some even before the mom even knows she is pregnant ? Certainly one could argue that God is not pro abortion.

As Roger said, individual rights legally start outside the womb, but the moral issue is certainly disturbing.

I think if people spent as much time stating that abortions are not GOOD, with emphasis, while maintaining the legality....then there would be less abortions. Put into perspective for people in the dichotomy of the legal/moral fraction.

I don't even believe that abortion should even be a political football...at all.....but it is.

The times are much different than those of the setting of the movie "Cider House Rules", and the attitude toward unwed moms is totally different, than that of even 3 decades ago.

Education into the importance of life, as opposed to the supposed self serving aspect of drive thru abortions, and again, fomentiing the idea that abortion is BAD in almost every case, would help abortion rates decrease, IMHO.

the politicos would do good to stop pandering to respective and oft irrational bases, and for once unite on the logical and moral aspect.
Good one, Mark. Good wish list. Tony, some jurisdictions do recognize the life of the baby in utero with some murder prosecutions when the victim is pregnant and the baby died from some criminal action--leaving us with the bizarre idea that the mother (and only her) can kill the child. Just bizarre. Too close to the parents can kill the born child but no one else can, like in some places in Europe now. The Nazis started with the most helpless. I can't shake that historical fact.
Rog and Mark,

If life starts at conception becomes the law of any jurisdiction, and such life is granted legal protection, I guarantee the only winners will be the lawyers.

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