Sunday, January 27, 2008


Movie Update

I went back to see Cloverfield a second time. It's not worth a return trip as you're distant and removed the second time--much less fun. I did however see something fall from the sky and splash into the Atlantic (where last time I just barely noticed the splash) in the Coney Island sea shot. It's much more satisfying to me to think it's an alien rather than a previously unknown sea creature, just for standing up to the military so well. Not a sea creature. The movie has made, according to Box Office Mojo, $64,000,000. That's pretty good. It had a huge drop off from its opening week, just over $12,000,000 in the second week. That's not so good. I guess there are just so many fans of invulnerable giant monster destroying New York City movies out there.



I was thinking of taking my 10 year think he would be OK ?
Yeah. But I am notorious for taking young children to age inappropriate movies.
well...I'm taking him to see Van Halen.....that Cloverfield can't be as much of an assault on the senses.
My ex wife let our youngest (about 3 or 4 then) see Childsplay (with the evil Chuckie doll) by mistake. We didn't sleep just us two in the bed for the rest of our marriage. Up to you, man.
I think Danny would laugh at Chuckie......LOL
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