Friday, December 14, 2007


Update on Victory in Musa Qala

When Stephen Grey is not black guarding the CIA for their hard work to protect us from Muslim Extremists, he does a fair job of reporting the war, like here, The clearing of the Taliban and al Qaeda from the town, of 45,000 souls, called Musa Qala, went better than we had hoped because the enemy stayed in town and got an up close and personal view of the incredible firepower our armed forces are able to bring. Heavy bombers (B-2s and B-52s), A-10s, F16s, Apache helicopters and Spooky air gunships were used to kill hundreds of Taliban fighters. We lost one and the Brits two, but all to old Soviet land mines from the 80s war the Soviets lost. This was a large NATO/Afghan Army operation, the biggest good guys offensive since Operation Anaconda in March, 2002.

Here are some telling details.

Faced with a full brigade of NATO forces, a brigade of Afghan government fighters and the defection of a key Taliban commander, the Taliban chose not to flee at first but to fight a desperate battle.

Who engineered the defection? Did that cause the enemy forces to stay put?

U.S. forces believe the Taliban were backed by a large strength of foreign fighters, including those linked to al Qaeda. Soldiers who I accompanied found one dead fighter whose notebook revealed he was from Pakistan.

Anyone who opposes the war in Afghanistan can not be taken seriously. It's al Qaeda fighting us there. They engineered a sneak attack on us; we have the right to kill them all, and we should.

We have to rely on journalists and the Afghan government to tell us the casualties the enemy is taking because, in a silly overreaction to the notorious body count during Vietnam, our government won't tell us their estimates and real body counts. Several hundred to 3. Can't wait for the dreaded Spring Taliban offensive.

Here is another nice tidbit from a rather mournful Reuters story on the victory.

Afghan and NATO troops also bombed an important Taliban meeting in the mountains of Sangin and Musa Qala district that led to a high number of casualties.
Bombing a meeting-- the perfect integration of intelligence and modern weaponry; excellent work, men.


Has this been covered in the msm per chance ?
I did catch something on one of the network news shows about Musa Qala the other night. Of course it was brief, but still didn't minimize the thorough ass-kicking delivered to the bad guys.
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