Monday, December 17, 2007


Tying our Arms Behind our Backs Just to Make it Fair

On a very narrow vote, the House passed a bill which would make it illegal for the CIA interrogators to do what is prohibited to the Army in the Field Manuel. These are the things prohibited, followed by my comments in dark blue.

Forcing detainees to be naked, perform sexual acts or pose in a sexual manner. I'm OK with banning the sexual stuff, but don't we need to get the prisoners naked now and again to make sure they are not smuggling in bad things? One step too far.

Placing hoods or sacks over detainees’ heads or duct tape over their eyes. Stupid to ban these things.

Beating, shocking or burning detainees. I'm OK with banning these (but the belly slap and attention getting face slap should still be OK).

Threatening detainees with military dogs. Stupid to ban this.

Exposing detainees to extreme heat or cold. Stupid to ban this (So long as the extremes are not life threatening--I certainly wouldn't want to bake or freeze our prisoners).

Conducting mock executions. Stupid to ban this.

Depriving detainees of food, water or medical care. I'm OK with no ban on medical care, but short periods of no food or even no water is OK. Man, we are capable of being so wimpy.

Waterboarding. Not torture if done for short periods of time, and apparently very effective with no lasting negative after effects. We should be able to use harsh, effective methods which are not torture--this is the poster child of those criteria.


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