Saturday, December 22, 2007


Thought of the Day

This is leftism’s great strength: it’s all white lies. That’s its only advantage, as far as I can tell. None of its programs actually works, after all. From statism and income redistribution to liberalized criminal laws and multiculturalism, from its assault on religion to its redefinition of family, leftist policies have made the common life worse wherever they’re installed. But because it depends on—indeed is defined by—describing the human condition inaccurately, leftism is nothing if not polite. With its tortuous attempts to rename unpleasant facts out of existence—he’s not crippled, dear, he’s handicapped; it’s not a slum, it’s an inner city; it’s not surrender, it’s redeployment—leftism has outlived its own failure by hiding itself within the most labyrinthine construct of social delicacy since Victoria was queen.

Andrew Klavan



Who wrote a book recently about language controlling the dialogue? "It's not an inheritance tax, it's a death tax;" "partial birth abortion;" etc.

I can only conclude that what is sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander, however the language of the right, rather than dissembling w/ hope, dissembles w/ fear and hatred.

What do you think?

We use language to it's best effect as do you all on the left, but we call a spade a spade (or sometimes a freakin' shovel) while you guys call it a soil engineering tool. Your examples are neither fear inducing to a rational listener nor disembling as I understand that word. They are not anything less than spade, spade. Hatred? That's a bold claim. Care to back it up with an example?
"Death tax" "partial birth abortion"
Ew, scarry, kids, very scarry. Any real examples?
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