Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This Day in the History of Judicial Smackdowns

On this day in 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Florida Supreme Court was out of control and reversed that Court's decision to recount presidential votes in the peculiar way it had ordered, remanding the case back to that court, thus ending Al Gore's attempt to keep counting the votes until they came out right. I recall this well as it was an energizing political moment for me.


the next count was going to be " Blank ballots show an intent for Gore "....LOL !!!!
"It was the day Speedo stole the meat wagon."

Just think, had Gore won the election, we would not have to put up with "An Inconvenient Truth" and we would not have invaded Iraq.

Ah, what have have not been.
So Saddam would be in charge wiggling out of the UN sanctions, the sons would be raping whatever woman they fancied, sometimes murdering the husband or boyfriend, and the children would be flying kites and all would be well. Alternate reality time, Tony. I didn't get the Speedo reference. My second rate education's to blame, no doubt.
The Speedo reference is obscure. It is the name of a poem by James Seay, a very good, if not very well known southern poet.

The poem is in his first volume, "Let Not Your Hart." He has taught at UNC at Chapel Hill since 1974.

Don't forget that one of the omns would be torturing members of the Iraqi Olympic team and all of that would be preferable to the current situation ao far as Iraq and the U.S. is concerned.
Thanks for the info on the poet. I certainly didn't know him. I couldn't disagree more about Iraq. Living in freedom is the greatest good even if the price of that freedom is that some citizens will choose to do bad. You can reform a lawless free society, the Iraqis were doomed to unremitting suffering under Saddam, whose murderous brutality prevented effective countermeasures. We had to free Europe from Hitler, likewise we had to free Iraq from Saddam. I can't see a bigger picture to it.
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