Monday, December 03, 2007


Report on the American War Dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

I've decided to go by the month because it's easier. For the month of November, as reported by the Department of Defense, 40 American soldiers, etc. died in Iraq and 11 died in Afghanistan. Here are the breakdowns. In Afghanistan, two died from IEDs, two also from small arms (including an RPG). One died from a non combat cause and one from combat operations. The most, five soldiers, died in a single incidence of direct fire (which I assume is the opposite of indirect fire--mortars and cannon and the like). Michael Yon and others keep telling us things are getting worse in Afghanistan, but I'm not seeing it. 11 is of course higher than last month's 9 and both are higher than the average monthly butcher's bill in Afghanistan, but everything I read about is a very one sided affair and it's not us taking the short end of the stick.

If Iraq, 25 were killed by IEDs and 6 were killed by small arms. Five died in accidents (one a roll over of an ambulance in Kuwait) and three died from non combat causes. One was killed by direct fire, whatever that is. I used to go from the fourth of the month to the third of the next, so some of the war dead in this posting's count were counted last time I reported; therefore it seems like slightly less were killed than last month, when I had 40 as well. We lost four Captains and three 2nd Lts. It continues to be a deadly place for our women in the armed forces and four were killed. Tracey Alger, 30, was killed by and IED. Christina Ndururi, 21, died of a non combat illness in Kuwait. Carletta Davis, 34, from Alaska, was killed by an IED. Ashley Sietsema, 20 died in the Kuwait roll over accident.

At the beginning of summer the totals were well over 100, and in August and September the totals were 98 and 72, respectively, so the trend line stays down and it will be good to get it to zero or at least to the rate of accidental and incidental deaths in Germany and Japan in say, 1949. We can't hope for much more than that, even as we turn the corner in Iraq, at least, due largely to the change of strategy and fully to the heart breaking sacrifice of these brave service men and women.

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