Monday, December 17, 2007


Memories of Arctic Sea Ice

I remember as a kid seeing movie news films of the Nautilus (or another nuclear submarine) breaking through the sea ice at the north pole, and the sailors set up a baseball diamond around the pole so if one of them hit a home run that guy ran literally around the world. I can't find it on YouTube, but I'll follow this post with one such breakthrough, if I am able. I also recall another submarine rising in clear water at the pole and the sailors disappointed they couldn't play ball like the earlier guys. If my memory is intact, there have been open sea areas at the pole from time to time for at least 40 years. Here's today's photo of the ice.

Except for the Chuckchi Sea, the ice is pretty much over all the traditional area of sea ice and it's not yet Winter. Hudson Bay seems completely iced over. One can walk from Svalbard (scene of much of The Golden Compass) to Novaya Zemlya to Svernaya Zemlya to Alaska, Greenland or Canada for that matter. Except it would be really, really cold and you would die.

Yes, Warmies, the sea ice melt was big this Summer, but it's pretty much all back now, just as it should be and has been doing for millions of years and as it will, no doubt, for millions more.


Gee Rog--could you lay off the facts and evidence? The goreball warmenists can't take much more.

(wow, ice forming in winter . . . it's almost, natural!)

Ice in the winter Artic Sea. Not an anomaly. An ice free Arctic Sea in summer. An anomaly.

Gee Rog, could you lay off the facts and evidence? /sarcasm.
I caught your subtle sarcasm. Very droll. Thanks for the comment.

Tony, it wasn't ice free. There was a lot or melting. But was there more in the past before we had satellites? No one knows. It's just not enough of a record to base a trend on. You Warmies are placing an iron skillet on a house of cards. Don't blame me if it all falls to pieces.
The logical conclusion of global warming hysteria would be that not only would there be ice melting in the summer--there would also be no (or less) recovery of that ice in the winter. That's the point of the sarcastic comment above.
And of Roger's original post, of course.
Gracias, el presedente, gracias para todos.
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