Thursday, November 08, 2007


This Day in the History of Horrible Misteps Which Ultimately Don't Matter

On this day in 1923, Adolf Hitler and General Erich Ludendorf staged a pathetic and unsuccessful attempt at a coup d'état (in German, a Putsch) starting at the Nazis' favorite beer hall, the Bürgerbräukeller (where they served Löwenbräu ) in Munich. If the Wiemar Republic government had been smart, it would have executed Hitler; but it merely jailed him for a while and within 10 years Hitler and his National Socialists would complete the Putsch through the ballot box, with the enthusiastic support of Germany's youth.

As an aside, Hermann Göring took a bullet in the groin during the Putsch and was in pain for the rest of his life, for which pain he became addicted to pain killing drugs. Kind of an early karma, to my way of thinking.
Above is a very creepy stamp from the Nazis commemorating the Putsch.


It was real Lowenbrau though, not the swill that is made and sold in America.
Agreed, richtig Leuvenbroi for the bastids.
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