Sunday, November 04, 2007


Report on the American War Dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

For the period October 4, 2007 to November 3, 2007, as reported by the Department of Defense, 49 of our forces were killed, 40 in Iraq and 9 in Afghanistan. Here is a further breakdown. In Afghanistan, two were killed by IEDs, one was killed in an accident, and another from a non-combat cause. Four were killed by small arms. The last, Joseph Curren, died in the Philippines from a non-combat illness. How is that a death in Afghanistan?

In Iraq, 20 were killed by IEDs, eight by small arms and only one in the catch all category, usually reserved for Marines, combat operations. Three died in accidents, two were killed in a rocket attack, one died of a non-combat illness and for two there was not enough information to tell. There were three dead from non-combat causes including two women who were gunned down by a jealous and/or deranged American soldier in Bahrain. Again, how is that a war death in Iraq?

It was a tough 31 days for women in the war, five died--Shayna Ann Schnell, 19, Rachael Hugo, 24, Lillian Clamens, 35, Anamarie Camacho, 20 (who was from Tinian) and Genesia Gresham, 19. Those last two women were shot by Clarence Jackson, who shot himself thereafter in the head but hasn't died yet. We lost a Major and a Captain as well.

The trend line remains down, which is good. The last 6 months has gone: By Oct. 3--72; by Sept. 3--98; by Aug 3--80, by July 3--134; by June 3--126; by May 3--106. We all long for the day when the count reaches zero.


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