Thursday, November 22, 2007


Recycling Falsity

A few years ago, ran a Thanksgiving online ad basically supporting defeat, but when they showed troops behind the overdub of "150,000 American men and women are stuck in Iraq" they showed Brit troops, in Brit desert camouflage (and shorts). Kinda embarrassing. I tried to help out the MoveOn types with a brief tutorial on American and British Desert camo here, but apparently it didn't take. As Michelle Malkin notes, the ad is running again.

The current subtext is: We still don't care who the troops actually are or what they actually want, we want our political way, damn the consequences.

This attitude is a shadow of the actual Democratic betrayal of the troops' hard won accomplishments in Viet Nam (an attitude which cost them the majority of voters for President for a generation or two).

The Brits also don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so this is just another meal for them, not the tryptophan inducing chowdown we Americans are enjoying today.



You need a new script bro. It's called the History Drug of which you are in dire need b/c you are manifestly addicted to revisionism. "The attitude is a shadow of the actual Democratic betrayal of our troops' hard won accomplishments in Vietnam (an attitude that cost them the majority of Presisdential votes for a generation or two.)"

Are there similarities between Vietnam and Iraq--other than Vizzini's axiom about never getting involved in a land war in Asia? Certainly. If we stayed in Vietnam we would still be there just as we willl be mired in Iraq for the foreseable future just as we have remained in S. Korea.

As I have reminded you b/f, the war in Vietnam was a war Vietnamese self determination that was going on b/f we entered Vietnam and that ended after we left.

Now, for your other statement that there is some connection between w/drawl from Vietnam and Democratic presidential losses: There is no connection. If you want to explain the ascendancy of Ronald Reagan I have two words for you: hostages and inflation.

Now a working definition of the word generation is the difference in years between the ages of parents and their children. 12 years does not a single generation make much less two.

Given the unimaginable suffering in North Korea, versus the prosperity in the South, our continued presence there, (despite the cost and occasional casualty) has been well worth it. All we had to do to prevent a unified Vietnam being ground under the fascist boot of Asian Communism was re-arm the ARVN and supply air cover. The Democrat Congress took those two things away and our former ally went under, hundreds of thousands died, millions suffered. Given the success of the ARVN against determined NVA attacks in 1973 and 4 (when all our ground troops were out) when we did resupply and cover from the air, your refusal to see the laws which stabbed South Vietnam in the back as just that is stunning to me. You are an intelligent, well read man. How can there be such a hole in your understanding?
I don't think the public and accurate perception of the Democrats' weakness on defense is over. There is no doubt that it hurts the Dems in national votes. And it ain't over yet.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
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