Tuesday, November 13, 2007


moveOn Says "Jump"...Dems ask " How High ? "

Via Boortz

Democrats have appointed their new soft-money man, expected to build a colossal independent money machine to elect a Democrat in 2008. And who did they choose to head their campaign? Washington's director of MoveOn.org Tom Matzzie. You may know Matzzie for his hand in the "Betray Us" ad that ran in the New York Times. That's quite a guy the Dems have chosen. He has left his job at Moveon.org.
Matzzie will be running a $100 million plot that centers around "issues and character." He was hired just two weeks after the largest donors in the Democratic party got together in Washington to discuss where they will put their money in the '08 race.
He will head an organization, which will advise 527 groups on how to spend their money to help the Democrats. These 527s are groups named after a section of the tax code that allows them to influence elections so long as they disclose their donors and expenses.
OK ... why is this a big deal? Remember, several months ago MoveOn.org bragged that they "owned the Democrat(ic) Party." Well, now it looks like they've made good on their boast. MoveOn.org wants to run a major part of the Clinton/Democrat fund raising ... when MoveOn.org says "jump," Democrats ask "how high?"

Sounds to me like the dems have already picked their candidate....moveOn for president, with the face of Hillary.

Unlike the GOP who only hire people with highest level integrity and virtue for such positions.
the people hire the president, via the electoral college not any one party.

Again, the democrats are "owned" by MoveOn.......who "owns" the GOP ?
Hmmmm. Let's see. Big business? The Religious Right? If youy look at our foreign policy, however, the answer is Homer Simpson.
Big Business ? LOL.....The RReligious Right, as opposed to the religious left ? LOL dude.

Small business drives America......Big Business george Soros drives the democrats.
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