Friday, November 16, 2007


Do Any Of Us REALLY Care ?

Should the steroid investigations have been conducted by the government to begin with ?

I understand that perjury and obstruction of justice are against the law....but, is this worth the money spent ?

Judging govermental action by whether its worth the money spent. What an interesting concept.
Lets see-- $177 million per day on the Iraq affair...... hmmmm.
Peter....must you Hijack a thread ?

I don't think steroids in baseball is a governmental issue at all.......

Since the train has been knocked off of the you support the NATO operation in Afghanistan ?
"do you support the NATO operation in Afghanistan"

I don't know. Is it worth the money spent?

So far as the $ goes, the money is not being spent on Barry, per se, it is being spent on combatting performance enhancing drugs in sports. Drugs have ruined cycling and track and field. Not a week goes by it seems when some NFL player doesn't flunk the course. Now there will be mandatory testing for the PGA.

There is the Libertarian view of "well it's my body and..." but a culture in which HS athletes take perfromancing enhancing drugs is to be assiduously avoided.

The $ in Iraq was not and is not well spent.

The $ in Afghanistan was and is well spent.
The money spent investigating and eventually indicting Bonds has been pissed into the wind. Even if the feds do get a conviction on one or more of the perjury and obstruction charges, that will do nothing to stem the use of PEDs.

Going after Bonds was a personal vendetta, pursued solely because Bonds is a jerk. McGwire and Palmeiro perjured themselves before Congress, which is a much bigger offense than lying to a federal grand jury, so where are the charges against them?

Plus, there's the much-less-than-Libertarian argument that all Bonds did by using steroids was accept some known risks, as an adult, to improve his job performance. How is that ever to be criminalized?

If it were, every ballplayer who ever received a cortisone shot to relieve back or shoulder pain and return to the field is a felon. Cortisone is a steroid, after all, and it can have some pretty serious adverse effects.

Last, I don't want to see PEDs used by anyone under 18, so test, indict, and jail anyone involved in selling or administering steroids to high schoolers without a legitimate medical need, but let college students, olympic athletes, and professionals do what they want. They will anyway.

Thanks for the comment.

Peter B....can you not answer a simple question ?


Cortisone is a corticosteroid which is an antiinflammatory; cortisone is not an anabolic steroid which builds protein in muscle cells.

I agree that the case against Bonds reeks of vendetta. There was an article in the Sunday NYT about the Jeff Novitsky, the IRS agent ramrodding the investigattion whose methodology was so extralegal that teh government dropped 40 of 42 counts against Victor Conte, Jr., the founder of Balco.
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