Thursday, November 08, 2007


Climate change - Is CO2 the cause? - Pt 2 of 4

Climatologist Bob Carter on the warming and cooling record from the last 400,000 years from deep sea cores. Neither the magnitude nor the rate of climate change we're undergoing is anything new or remarkable.

I'm also a rightist nonpanicker, but since I live right at the oceanfront in Virginia, I will say I am concerned that the tides are noticably rising. Whether man is responsible or not, the climate is changing, and we need to be prepared to deal with nastier storms, less coastline, and more press-loved idiots like Al Gore.
Couldn't agree more, but the sand islands on which so many on the east coast built houses were never permanent but shifted almost every big storm. I'm told the sea is about a foot higher than it was during the Civil War. Are you in Va Beach or that northern neck thing?
Virginia Beach, in the area where civilization starts to give way to the Great Dismal Swamp. If the rising tide doesn't get me, the black bears might.
There was an episode on the Andy Griffith Show when a Brit was touring the famous swamps in America. He said we had some great ones and mentioned the Dismal. I've never had the pleasure of visiting there. Thanks for your comments. I don't believe nastier storms are really on the menue but time will tell.
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