Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Another Suicide Bomb from Hollywood

Saturday Night Live, back when it was funny, made fun of director Brian de Palma with a faux trailer for "The Clams." SNL writers correctly noticed that de Palma 'borrowed' liberally from better, earlier directors especially Alfred Hitchcock (maker of The Birds). Every year, started the SNL thing, director Brian de Palma picks the bones of a dead director and gives his wife [Nancy Allen] a job...

De Palma now has borrowed from himself and remade the bad Viet Nam movie he made years ago, Casualties of War, with Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox. Now it's about a rape/murder in Iraq and is called Redacted. It opened in a limited number of theaters this past weekend and did very poorly even by indie standards, 50th, with a take from 15 theaters of merely $25,628. Michael Medved said this was possibly the worst movie he had ever seen. Good enough for me.

De Palma did make a good movie, Sisters, but that was back in 1973. His next movie will also pick the bones of himself and his greatest hit, The Untouchables.

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