Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun

This remains my favorite song by this Brit (Newcastle-on-Tyne) blues group, part of the first British Invasion. Where I used to like the lead singer Eric Burdon's vocals here, now I think the real artistic merit in this version comes from Alan Price on the organ.
The Animals were more folky than I liked, less bluesy than the Stones in the 60s; still, they did the blues proud from time to time and the best blues tune they did was this.

I agree, Price's organ solo in this is stunning. But don't forget that guitar riff by Hilton Valentine!

Funny thing is, Price was the vocalist in the group before he talked his mate Eric from an earlier band into joining this one. But an organist has to stay in one place behind his keyboards; as frontman, Burdon was free to move around the stage and get all dramatic, so eventually he did all the vocals. If you've ever heard Price's solo work after he left the Animals, he's got a wonderful bluesy voice as well, but we never heard much of it in the Animals back then.
I liked the soundtrack to O Lucky Man which I believe was all Price. Hilton is dead, is he not? Thanks for the helpful comment.
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