Tuesday, November 20, 2007


4 insurgents getting killed by gunfire

The original text accompanying this said it was an A-10, but the rate of fire of that plane's only gun, the General Electric 30mm, 7 barrel gatling type GAU-8 Avenger, is 3600/min. or 650/sec. When it fires, it sounds like a saw not a machine gun. This is pretty clearly an M233 chain gun on the 'chin' of an Apache helicopter. That gun, also in 30mm, has a rate of fire about 10/sec. Since it fires two 2 second bursts, you would expect 40 rounds and indeed the round counter, center right low, shows 303 rounds to start and 263 at the end. 40 rounds. The firing shakes the forward looking infrared (FLIR)camera which is pretty clearly hovering (as opposed to strafing).

Very nice shootin', Tex, and good that the dog got away as well.
10 30mm rounds tends to spread you around a little, don't they? Man, oh man.

I am glad the dog got away.
Snuff films?????(!)
War documentary. Have a good Thanksgiving, Mary.
I had the pleasure a couple of times during my USAF/ANG career to observe A-10s working targets at a tactical air-ground gunnery range in upstate New York.

You're right...the GAU-8/A on the A-10 sounds nothing like that...we used to describe the sound as that of a dragon's fart. I'll admit that the first time I saw/heard it, I nearly crapped my pants.
Very cool (except for the last). The German MG42 had a rate of fire of 1200/min which is 20/sec. That's too many to hear the individual explosions of the rounds; so it sounded like a buzz saw, whatever that is. Apparently it sounds 'wrong' to American ears so whenever they show one firing, they appear to use a different gun's sound in the sound track, or so I believe. Listen to the MG 42s in Saving Private Ryan.
As good as the A 10 is against armored vehicles, I'm not sure it's the perfect weapon for the war being waged against us.
Dragon fart, however, is something I'll remember. Thanks for the comment.
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