Wednesday, October 24, 2007


What's Going On?

The Baghdad Diarist at The New Republic, Scott Beauchamp, published at least three stories in TNR which milbloggers and fellow traveler chickenhawks, like me, doubted. They were incredibly tame as far as accusations of soldier war crimes go (no cutting off ears, etc. or even waging war in the fashion of Jen-ghis Khan) and at worst even the most egregious of Beauchamp's fables would be, if true, merely a war faux pas. But they weren't true as reported by blogger the Confederate Yankee's source in the military in Iraq. Then about three months went by with the TNR doing an 'investigation.' Crickets chirped.

Today, Drudge posted a story that the Beauchamp fables have collapsed and included links to transcripts of the phone call TNR editors had with Beauchamp in early September and a copy of the army report. It seemed just as we suspected. Then the links disappeared and now I can't find the story. TNR's site is still in cricket filled summer but the guys who have been all over the story are still all over it and wondering, like I am, where the Drudge story went, and why even now TNR is still stonewalling.

It's a mystery which will probably not last too much longer.


would somebody PU LEEZE turn down the crickets ?
GVOF (grin visible on face).
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