Friday, October 05, 2007


This Day in the Short History of American Victories in Canada

On this day in 1813, which would make it part of the conveniently titled War of 1812, overwhelming American forces way north of Detroit in Ontario win the Battle of the Thames (aka the Battle of Moraviatown) and beat the snot out of British and Indian forces and kill the unifying Shawnee chief Tecumseh. The Americans were led by future, at least for a month, President William Henry Harrison. Although Harrison did little to follow up this victory, other than burn Moraviatown, the Northwest front was quiet for the rest of the war. Proving one can use battle prowess to springboard into politics, soldier Richard Johnson later became the Vice President to Martin Van Buren based largely on the questionable belief that he killed Chief Tecumseh in this battle.

The portrait right above is of Tecumseh and note the nose ring. Man, talk about being ahead of the curve.


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