Monday, October 22, 2007


Steyn on the Real War on Children

Mark Steyn writes another world class column on the real problem with the government's redistribution of wealth. His best work on a micro level:

A couple of weeks ago, the Democrats put up a 12-year-old SCHIP beneficiary from Baltimore, Graeme Frost, to deliver their official response to the President's Saturday-morning radio address. And immediately afterwards Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and I jumped the sick kid in a dark alley and beat him to a pulp. Or so you'd have thought from the press coverage: The Washington Post called us "meanies." Well, no doubt it's true we hard-hearted conservatives can't muster the civilized level of discourse of Pete Stark. But we were trying to make a point – not about the kid, but about the family, and their relevance as a poster child for expanded government health care.

The President tries to expand free coverage to more poor children without health care, the Democrats go way too far in the expansion and somehow the Republicans are, according to Pete Stark, waging a war against children. Fiscal responsibility and not making the mistakes of Europe is a fight for our children's future. It is unbelievable that so few of our citizens see it.


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