Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sounds Reasonable to Me

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Israel's government has approved modest sanctions against Hamas governed Gaza for each handmade 'Kassam' rocket fired into Israel. The sanctions may be a 15 minute interruption of the power Israel provides Gaza for each rocket fired, along with a modest decrease in the gasoline supply.

We need to show the residents of Gaza that life does not carry on freely when Kassam rockets land in Israel," a senior defense official said. "If rockets are fired, then the Palestinians will pay a price."

Defense officials said the cuts in gasoline supply would be enough to "slightly disrupt" Palestinians' daily lives and cause them to think twice before driving their car.

During Tuesday's meeting, Vilna'i decided to allow the continued supply of diesel fuel, which is used by ambulances and sanitation vehicles.

"We do not want to cause a humanitarian crisis," a defense official said. "But we do want to send a clear message to the Palestinians that the rocket fire will not be tolerated."


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