Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sanity in Italian Law Courts

Communist Italian reporter Giuliana Sgrena probably engineered her kidnapping (or so I believe) and then was 'rescued' by Italian intelligence agents including Nicola Calipari. Unfortunately, they were so full of adrenaline and themselves as they drove with Sgrena from Baghdad to the airport, that they neglected to slow down for an American checkpoint and, per well established rules of engagement, shots were fired after appropriate warning, first into the dirt, then into the engine and then into the car itself, wounding some and killing hero Nicola Calipari in March, 2005.

Recently, the soldier who may have fired the shots, Spec. Mario Lozano, (above) who was then with the 69th Division, was put on trial in absentia for murder and attempted murder; and today, the Italian judge dismissed the case, properly ruling that he had no jurisdiction in the matter.

Wow, sometimes justice is done.

(h/t Jawa and Michelle Malkin)


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