Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Rollin' on the Juice

One of the worst things about committing a crime with other criminals is that they are criminals, not stand-up guys, and often the endgame of a crime caught is the race to the plea bargain. Orenthal James Simpson is learning that lesson in a big way.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He did better, in one sense, to be the lone, knife wielding double murderer, in there was no one there to snitch on the Juice.

You have to wonder about the 'no snitchin'' campaign being waged in the black community? What, actually, is that about?


Well, just another unhappy result for the (idiotic) war on drugs.

I've responded over at PT btw.
Oh, they don't want you to snitch about drug dealers. OK, that makes slightly more sense.
It is a necessary element of the black market drug trade. Unfortunately, the culture spills over to real crimes like rape and murder.
Yeah, apparently there were about 50 witnesses to some big rapper's bodyguard's murder and no one will say a word to the cops. How's that help?
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