Sunday, October 07, 2007


Rock Concert Report

Went with Mark, Kit and Margaret to Genesis (on the Turn it On Again Tour) in the difficult to get the sound right "blimp hanger" of the Pepsi Center in Denver. The place was packed and Genesis put on a good show. I know my opinion is nostalgia distorted, but the few old songs they played kicked the ass of the new ones. The ones they played, particularly, but not exclusively, the ones with Peter Gabriel's input, I Know What I Like, The Carpet Crawlers and a sort of medley of In the Cage and others from Lamb Lies Down..., were grander, more complex and to me more pleasing than the fairly bland hits of a few decades ago. The album they did the most songs from was Invisible Touch, which is good but only when you don't hear the other, older ones. There are also plenty of bad Genesis songs out there and they played a few. No Broadway Melody 0f 1974 , no Watcher of the Skies, no Supper's Ready, no Counting out Time, no Keep it Dark, no Jesus He Knows Me. Oh well, life is hard and then you die and go to hell.

Although all the way bald now Phil Collins will get back behind the drums, where he is very good, now and again, he has become the frontman singer Peter Gabriel was in the good old days. They have replaced kindof original guitarist Steve Hackett with Daryl Stuermer, who trades off with Mike Rutherford on bass or guitar (he's better than Rutherford on wailing guitar). They 'replaced' Collins on drums with Chester Thompson, who is fantastic. However, understated, now grey haired Tony Banks on keyboards remains the glue that holds the band together.

For all intents and purposes, the band broke up in 1996 just before the fairly complete failure of their last studio album Calling all Stations. But I'm not going to call this merely a nostalgia act, touring for money alone with no new songs and no current influence on modern music, although they seem to have little to none now, more's the pity.

This is to my knowledge, the only time in a generation, that Genesis has come to play in Denver. I'm very glad I went, but I have to say that I did that, no need to return.


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