Friday, October 19, 2007


Rep. Diane Watson commits to support Impeachment

Rep. Diane Watson (D-LaLaLand) answers an extraordinarily long question about where is the impeachment legislation by saying that they have "substantive evidence" of impeachable offenses. Unfortunately, she does not elaborate. Yeah sure she does. However, the real idiocy follows. She says Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan: After they take the White House and have 60 Democratic Senators, then they can impeach President Bush. Let that sink in for a second or two. Her plan is to wait until President Bush is no longer the president and then impeach him. All of her "magic numbers" are hooey, too. Everyone who has voted for this woman, should go home and hang their heads in shame for the rest of their lives.

What? That will totally work! Why you always gotta be hating on the cognitively challenged?

And people wonder why there is a constitutional prohibition against writs of attainder.
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