Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The Principles of Yale

We know what kind of girl Yale Law School is--now we're just arguing about the price.

Although we strongly suspect that Yale's refusal to let military recruiters on campus was motivated merely by its antipathy to the United States military, I'm willing to believe them that they are strongly opposed to it for the principle of discrimination. Although it was President Clinton who instituted the compromise "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy for the American military, the Yale Law School administration said that was just wrong--openly gay soldiers should be able to serve, damn the consequences in real life. That is, in a weird way, a principled stand.

Then the Solomon Amendment was passed which threatened to take away government grants from any University which did not allow military recruiters access to its students. Yale, which has a huge, multi hundred million dollar endowment, fought hard against having to pay any price for its 'principled stand' and lost. And the appeals court has recently affirmed that they lost. So what does Yale Law School do? Continue its 'principled stand' at the cost to the University of 350 million or does it fold and say, screw our principles, it's freakin' 350 million!

You're not really wondering, are you?

"The judges who hold office at the moment disagree with us,” Professor Burt said. “We must wait for history to vindicate our position."

Wow, talk about principled. Professor Burt must teach ethics there.

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