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That Jesus didn't think too highly of the Pharisees is recorded in scripture (Matthew 23:27-8). I don't think much of the Neopharisees. Who are they, you ask? Tony Perkins, James Dobson and Richard A. Viguerie, et al., lead them and they are the self righteous who are so pure of thought and deed that they will actually hurt this country and the cause of the unborn rather than support a Republican who is not pro-life.

Face it guys, the Supreme Court may be a long way from the Supreme Being, but the former have more lately spoken and there is not a thing anyone can now do to outlaw abortion, short of replacing the liberal, living constitutionalists now on the Court with more strict, original intent interpretationists who may not see a Constitutional right to first trimester abortion in the emanations of the penumbras thereof. Over the next 8 years three to five Justices will be replaced.

And Hillary Clinton is not going to replace old living constitutionalists with original intent guys and girls. Rudy Giuliani will. So the Dobson, et al., crowd is actually setting back the cause of rolling back Roe v. Wade for another generation or two. How many abortions is that? 60 million. Good work, oh pure of heart. Great job.

Making a sort of confession--I have been all over the place on the subject of abortion. At first I thought that women who could kill their unborn children for mere inconvenience ought to have less genetic representation so I was not just pro-choice, I was pro-abortion. Now that I have become Catholic, I realize that it is a sin to kill the unborn except where necessary to save the life of the pregnant mother. But, like Giuliani, I presume, I can't think of an effective way to outlaw abortion that will not result in more, perhaps just a few, but still more dead women. More dead women, even just a few, is a bad thing. I guess there are those who will be happy to outlaw the process even if they are aware that it will not stop but will, like in the good old days, merely move unsafely underground. Those who would ineffectually outlaw it are probably Neopharisees too.

Focus on the Family and the Family Research Center are now a whitened sepulcher to me.


Well said.
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