Monday, October 15, 2007


Nagging Doubts Rewarded

I wrote an ironic post on Ann Coulter yesterday and included, again ironically, a photo popular on the web for portraying Ann as a Nazi. I've reproduced it here. I picked the photo to show the tolerant left in an accurate light and for the irony that the Nazis were socialists, lefty totalitarians, and right wing Ann Coulter has nothing to do with that madness. It is, trust me, a very difficult thing to convince modern liberals that the vile regime, to which they like to compare conservatives with whom they disagree, was in fact much more aligned politically with them than with Republicans. It just doesn't compute with their world view.

But the uniform they had Ms. Coulter in didn't look like any Nazi uniform I had ever seen. It took a while, but I think I found it. It's a Bulgarian uniform from WWII when Bulgaria was allied with Greater Germany. Close. But I don't see any swastika on the real thing.

The photos around her, for those of you too young or ignorant to recognize them, are, starting at her right shoulder and going clockwise--a mask of President Nixon, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Adolf Hitler, Nazi flag, Mary Vecchio mourning a death at Kent State, the My Lai massacre, and the summary execution of a VC spy during the Tet offensive. Since, using any of her dates of birth, Ms. Coulter was in grade school during the Viet Nam War, I'm not sure why those three photos are included, as they are about as far away from Nazis or Ms. Coulter as is possible. The liberal mind indeed works in mysterious ways.


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