Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Is Hugo Chavez the New Chairman Mao ?

Via Boortz

Hugo Chavez is toughening the stance of his 'revolution' by forcibly changing
the culture of Venezuelans to be less "American."
Here are some of the vices that Hugo will curb in his efforts
to encourage Venezuelans to be the "New Man."
Venezuela is one of the largest
whisky importers in the world ... but not any more once Hugo curbs those pesky
imports. A 50% tax increase will be placed on alcoholic beverages as of next
week. Along with that, beer trucks will be forbidden and will be seized by the
Cigarette taxes will soar to 72% and new taxes will be placed on
luxury items like fancy cars and artwork.
He also has other requests: Don't
put too much hot sauce on your food, exercise regularly, eat low-cholesterol
foods, and respect the speed limit. Oh and when it comes to parents: stop buying
Barbie dolls and breast jobs for your daughters.
Stop buying breast jobs? OK
.. now he's gone entirely too far!

My thoughts ?......Right........Bush is the Fascist......not Chavez.

And everyone must change their underwear 3 times a day and everyone must wear it on the outside so as to make it easier to verify.
state issued underwear of course.
And the letter "M" must be stricken from the Spanish language.

This guy is like a cartoonist's idea of mentally defective commie dictator.
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