Monday, October 15, 2007


The Beauty of the Universe

Here are three photos which I find both interesting and incredibly beautiful. I've always been a sucker for close ups of Jupiter's cloud formations.

This is a NASA photo from the New Horizons space probe.

These are ice geysers on the Saturn moon Enceladus. How a frozen moon can have violent eruptions of ice is somewhat of a mystery, but I guess if the ice is, of course, 0 degrees and the rest of the moon is minus 200 degrees, the ice might be relatively hot. At least that's what the scientists are telling us. The image is in false color which is usually much more beautiful than real color.

The last is the Eight Burst Nebula (a planetary nebula, NGC 3132}. The squished shape of the nebula and the relatively straight lines of gas and dust clouds across the face are "not well understood." So mysterious and beautiful, like a women I know.


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