Friday, October 19, 2007


The 100 Essential DVDs

Amazon has a list of the 100 best movies it has on DVD here.

I disagree with a few and have better replacements.

Pulp Fiction--OK but True Romance is much better.

When Harry Met Sally--OK but both The Tao of Steve and Love and Sex are much funnier.

La Cage Aux Folles--OK but Pardon Mon Affaire is much funnier.

Chicago has two good songs but The Commitments has 15 good songs.

4 Weddings and a Funeral--OK but Love, Actually is both funny and heartwarming.

Ordinary People is forgettable at best but if you want to see a dysfunctional family see the brilliant and moving documentary Crumb.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is good John Wayne but The Searchers is his best movie.

Cinema Paradiso is over hyped schmaltz, but The Conformist has lasting emotional impact.

Vertigo is good for mood, stupid for plot and The 39 Steps is much better.

Modern Times is OK funny, but The Kid is funny and heartwarming.

Raging Bull is a painful boor except for the fight scenes but Body and Soul, They Harder They Fall and Cinderella Man are all great fight movies.

All the President's Men--OK but the original The Manchurian Candidate is better for political intrigue.

Sophie's Choice--OK but depiction of Birkenau in The Grey Zone will change your life.

City Lights--OK but The Circus has more laughs.

Titanic has its moments, but for realism The Last Voyage actually has a sinking ship.

Forrest Gump--OK but The Music Lovers and Mahler are better biographies

The Grapes of Wrath--OK but Sullivan's Travels is better

Life is Beautiful was just awful in about every way that counts, but for a funny, nostalgic Italian movie, you can't do better than Amarcord.


i liked life is beautiful
The holocaust as comedy? I admit it's a bold concept.
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