Sunday, October 14, 2007


10 Impossible Things

Don Feder's list of the 10 impossible things Liberals believe is not precisely my list, but it's pretty good and it's hard to believe there are many better blog postings out there, given the quotes from Lewis Carroll. Here's a taste:

Health Care is a human right - This is the foundation of Hillary's presidential campaign - that we all have a right to affordable, quality health care.

But why do we have a right to affordable, quality health care and not affordable, quality transportation - a Mercedes in every garage, with zero percent down, and low monthly payments stretched out over the next 20 years?

To say that I'm entitled to quality health care means someone else is obligated to provide me with same. Who? My doctor? The local hospital? The shareholders of companies that offer medical insurance? A taxpayer who earns more than me? One who earns less than me?

My beautiful and smart girlfriend said last night at the mini-blogger bash at the Irish Snug that she believes free medical insurance is a human right for children. I couldn't talk her out of it. Heart over head is a difficult thing to tackle.


Health care is what separates us from animals.
You know, that could have been a great conversation, if not for the fact that we had to yell across the table to be heard.
Mike, I thought it was our awareness of our inevitable death. Don't animals lick each other's wounds for the antibiotic effect of their saliva? Just asking.
Jed, it would have been a quieter frustration. You and I agree there is nothing in the constitution to force charity through taxes and the signers of it would be livid we had amended it so, without amending it. Good to see you.
Apart from the moral question that is not addressed in your blog, healthcare for those under 18 is just smart. Healthy children become healthy adults who can contribute to the tax base rather than suck off those who pay taxes. Of course, that is if they live to adulthood. Interesting that white male bloggers believe so strongly in survival of the fittest. They are willing to oppose abortion, but not willing to take care of the kids once they are born. There is so much wrong with that position that it is beyond even addressing in this forum. You are just plain wrong, even by your own self-serving measures.
Oh gosh yes, we white male bloggers are just terrible, aren't we.

It's really a quite simple position. And it has nothing to do with abortion. I, for one, believe that the government should not have the power to take money from people at the point of a gun. If you don't believe there's any threat of force involved, I invite you to investigate the recent fate of some tax protestors in New Hampshire. Such a belief on my part does not automatically mean that I wish for children to die.

I note that there are white women who think the way I do, and black men and women. Actually, there aren't any race or gender issues at work here at all, nor issues of avocation.

BTW, I don't oppose abortion.
Let's touch, anon, on the moral issue--saving life is good, ending life is bad. If you can fit what I assume is your position on abortion into that formula, more power to you. Here's another moral decision, charity from the heart is good, forced charity is bad (very like robbery). Your vision seems to stop at the children and the other moral issues are secondary if visible at all. That's perhaps a passionate vision but we were trying to be logical. There was a reason the Democrats used a 12 year old in their radio address a few weeks ago. Morally, I think exploiting children in any way is bad. What about you?
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