Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A Whiff of Victory

We've seen the Taliban get its butt kicked again and again lately by even NATO troops (albeit mainly English speakers) and resort to counterproductive tactics like suicide bombing and harsh reprisals. Now we're hearing the Taliban has indicated a willingness to participate in peace negotiations with the Karzai government. If true, this is great, great news and more evidence, if any were needed, that fighting back is a better way to go than giving up. Well done veterans of the latest Afghan war.

The main reason given for the ideologically inflexible Taliban’s preparedness to talk peace now is because the war is deadlocked. The defense has held. This was supposed to be the year that the extremist Muslim group was to drive NATO troops from Afghanistan, capture Kabul and reestablish its rule there. One Pakistani analyst said a successful offensive this year was “a point of honor” with the Taliban. But this decisive campaign, codenamed Ghazwatul Badr after a battle the Prophet Mohammed fought, never materialized, helped by the fact NATO and Afghan forces killed its commander last spring.


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