Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Warmie Kool Aid Drinkers and Projection

Fellow blogger, Mark Dunn, recently posted about the 180 degree turn (direction, not heat) Warmie 'martyr' James Hansen took from predicting a new ice age in the 70s to predicting a global warming crisis in the... the period we now live in. It's much worse than that.

Hansen apparently is deep in the pocket of loony money trader George Soros, who has given Hansen $720,000 recently. Sounds like a shill to me.

But wait, isn't it in the Warmie handbook to accuse any scientist skeptical of the global warming line of being paid off by the international corporations dealing in energy?

Ah, it all becomes clear to me.



will you please turn down the crickets in this thread...and in mine as well ?

Our numbers are back up. I take the lack of comment here as what we've written is unanswerable. Or GW is so last year. One or the other. One day and a wake up to Eric Johnson.
I have been wearing out my EJ bootlegs...I guess I should share them with you eh ?
Yes, you should.
I've given up trying to get you to admit that the globe is warming, but the least I should do is point out how wrong you and Mr. Dunn are . . .

Climate of Innuendo
Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Tap tap, is this thing on?

Testing one, two, three, four . . .
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