Monday, September 17, 2007


This Day in American History

On this day in 1862, more Americans died (shot by fellow Americans) than on any other day at the battle of Antietam Creek (or Sharpsburg) in Maryland. There were 3,654 battle deaths, pretty evenly divided between North and South (shading in the North's favor) even though the northern Army of the Potomac at Sharpsburg had twice as many men as the southern Army of Northern Virginia. The 'victory' allowed Lincoln the political room to sign the emancipation proclamation, and thus take the moral high ground (if he didn't already have it) and seal the South's doom by making it politically impossible for England, or any other European nation, to come to its aid. All this because some careless southern officer dropped his copy of Lee's orders and Yankees found it.



With the fast-breaking news of late, perhaps the majority are not
in tune with Antitum, or The Civil War.


I Smell The Blood of

The Far-Left Scum

It's MoveOnDotTrash

We'll Push It Hard,

And Make Him Crash!


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Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
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