Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Rock Concert Report

Went last night to Richard Thompson and band at the Gothic with Kit and he was great. I have just two little quibbles. Thompson has been playing in bands since 1966 and writing songs since shortly after that, and he is a prolific songwriter. The trouble with so large a catalogue is that often my favorite songs are not his favorite songs. So I heard nary a one. No Turning Of The Tide, no Waltzing's for Dreamers, no Hand of Kindness, no Cooksferry Queen, no When The Spell Is Broken, and nothing from the Fairport Convention years. Oh well. The second quibble is about his guitar playing, which is always good, but once in a while it goes into self indulgence and not good self indulgence.

On the other hand, I was amazed how good his voice sounded. It was a great show, but I said that. He's playing at the Fox in Boulder tonight. You could do a lot worse than go see him.


Just be primed for the EJ concert eh ? Plus Van Halen in Denver, in early 08.....
Primed and eager for EJ. Not so much for Van Halen but maybe.
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